Certificate in Primary Care Clinical Dermatology

  1.        Since 2007,  by the cooperation between Institute of Dermatology (IOD) and Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia :AFPM (through the Faculty of Medicine Songkhlanakarin University), IOD  has been established the International short course training in general dermatology  for Family Medicine Doctor from Malaysia.  Firstly, the duration of this course  is only 3 weeks and expand to 4 weeks in second batch.  The name of this course is Diploma in Primary Care Dermatology and this  is one module of  the Cert. Course in Dermatology for Primary Care Physicians (9 months) , that provide by AFPM.
    Until 2011 , this course was considered and signed agreement between IOD and AFPM, that redesign by add more clinical experience in Dermatology and provide only Certificate degree, moreover, this course renamed to “Cert. in Primary Care Clinical Dermatology”. The reasons are that duration is only 1 month and clarify for doctors from Malasia who apply  9 modules of Primary Care. If they successfully complete this one month course in Thailand , they can obtain “The Diploma in Primary Care  Dermatology”  that  provide  by AFPM.
  2. Objective
  3.         1. To provide knowledge in common skin diseases.
  4.         2. To develop skill in clinical dermatology, diagnosis approaches and management  to provide standard and appropriate treatment.
  5.        3. Ability to give consultation of clinical dermatology for healthcare team and patients.
  6. Duration of Training    4 weeks on March
    1. Tuition fees                USD  2,750.-                        
    2. Available capacity:         25 persons
    3. Applicant’s Qualification
    4.       1. Doctor of Medicine graduation with complete Medical License.
            2. Good command of spoken and written English.
            3. Good health in physical and mentality.
            4. The particpants from Malaysia: Institute of Dermatology will recruit all participants for this course by register through AFPM.
    5. Course Curriculum
    6.         1) Lectures (60%)  Basic sciences & General Dermatology :  Principle of dermatology,  common skin diseases  such as  Infectious ; Viral & Bacteria , Leprosy, Superficial Mycoses , Papulosquamous diseases, Eczema,  Urticaria,  STD/HIV, Skin signs in systemic diseases,  Diseases of  hair & nail,  Melasma,  Acne and facial dermatoses, etc.
              2) Clinical demonstrations (35  %)
              3)  Rotation to visit Subspecialty and Laboratory unit (5 %)
    7. Measurement and evaluation  This course has Pre test for participants evaluate themselves of  basic knowledge.  At the end of the course, have  paper  examination  (like MCQ test)  and Oral examination.  The total score include Paper exam 70 % and Oral exam   30 %.   Only Malasian participants  from  AFPM,  have to oral exam by representative of AFPM,  these are process for  approval the Diploma by AFPM. 
    8. Criterion of measurement       To successfully complete the course,  participants must have           
        Attending time                    ≥  80 %       
      Total score of examination   ≥  60 %
    9. Degree  Obtained                      Certificate
    10. How to apply
    11. Period of Time          
      Application                       :    October  
      Notification & Payment    :    November           
      Course starting                  :      March 
    12. Download Application     Application form
    13. Documents Required
    14.          1) Application Form  (use  Microsoft Word or Type only)
               2) Copy of  Identification Card or passport
               3) Copy of Medical License
               4) Copy of Academic Degree & Transcript
    15. Note :  All enclosed documents, please address “certified true copy”.
      Applications  which have not been fully completed and forms not accompanied by the documentation stipulated  as above, will not be considered.
    16. Send application  by mail or by Airmail to The Institute of Dermatology
               Technology Training Division ,
               420/7 Rajavithi Road, Bangkok 10400  Thailand
               Tel: 669 5205 1308, 669 5372 8294
               E-mail: diplomacourse@gmail.com
    17. The selection process    Consider  from general information and qualification.
    18. Tuition fees payment    Pay by  bank transfer  to Krung Thai Bank                  
      Pay by cash  or  bank  transfer to Krung Thai Bank       
      Account Name            :   Institute of  Dermatology
      Swift code                 :   KRTHTHBK
      Account number         :   980-5-74798-0 Office Address 
                                          : 420/8 Raj-vithu Road, Thungpha thai, Rajthevi, Bangkok 10400, Thailand
    19.           > Participants must be responsible for fees; transaction fees, fees charge and oversea’s bank fees.
    20.           > Please send the transfer slip with your full name to confirm your payment by:
    21.                        E-mail:             diplomacourse@gmail.com
    •           > The due date time of payment in informed by letter of acceptance.
    •           > If the payment of tuition fees are not on time, IOD has the right to selected the next reserved.
    • Condition
        •         1) Tuition fee payment must be on-time that inform in accepted & confirmation letter
                  2) Tuition fee and transaction fee are non-refundable.
                  3) Participants must follow the program and abide by the roles of the Institute of Dermatology if any serious problem,  Institute may consider to terminate your training
                  4) Participants must be responsible for their own expenses which may occur duringthe training.
                  5) Companion  are not allowed to participate in academic activities.



Institute of Dermatology 420/7 Rajvithi Road, Ratchathewi District, Bangkok 10400, Thailand
Tel +669 5205 1308, +669 5372 8294   E-mail : training.inderm@gmail.com , diplomacourse@gmail.com